Kids Create Peace serves those who enter and shape our future world.  These programs empower youth and children with the skills and understanding to create and bring peace to their own lives, their community and the world. Kids Create Peace brings that purpose into schools starting in winter semester 2011.

Kids Create Peace is our first program, to be introduced in Elementary Schools, starting with the fifth grade.The program’s goal is to assure that young children acquire the skills and understanding to cooperate, treat each other with respect, create together, and transform disagreements – even conflict – into peaceful and productive outcomes.  Designed for charter and public school 5th grade classes, the on-going course would be the opening lesson one or two days a week or as an after school program.  Unless their are school funds available for our KCP program, it is offered at no cost to schools.

Mission Statement: To provide all children and youth with life-long skills of cooperation and peace-creation.

Vision: As the pilot program’s results are tested, validated, and documented — including videos and testimonials — it will be offered in schools nation-wide. With such community support and the funding required, within five years the program will be adopted in other countries, world-wide. [Click for more]

The Touchstone Transformational Leaders Program serves leaders – actual and emerging. They are men and women with exceptional experience and dedication. Some have attained stature and visibility in their fields, and now seek ways to offer a new kind of leadership.

Our conferences, seminars, workshops and retreats (private and in groups) assist in attaining the insights and skills required to offer this new level of leadership in their chosen field and within the society at large. These programs open by asking, “How would my life be different if I lived it more authentically, with a sense of my larger purpose?” Participants attain greater effectiveness and confidence in responding to new, often confusing, conditions in our time of rapid change.

Arts and Media for Peace focuses on entertainment and mass media.: These powerful communicators not only dispense information world wide, but stir, focus and shape emotion, and motivate to action. They influence decision-makers and events at home and across the globe.

The program goals are to replace violent, negative, demeaning words and images with those that acknowledge and reinforce a sense of common humanity and the universal human capacity for generosity, mutual assistance, and respect for life. 

Mission: To assist artists and others who produce images and stories in creating alternative, peaceful representations of human behavior and possibility.