What Educators Have to Say

Educators’ Endorsements for Kids Create Peace:

Joseph Scudder, Principal, Two Bunch Palms Elementary School

To Whom it May Concern:

It is my pleasure to write this letter in support of the Kids Create Peace program.  I hosted ‘Kids Create Peace’ in its pilot year, at my former school, Vista del Monte Elementary, and again the next year, when the program was invited to be in three additional elementary schools through the ASES Program — now with 4th grade as well as 5th.

Kids Create Peace effected a positive change in my school.  The students in the program learned to respect themselves and others, know how to avoid conflict, or to resolve differences and disagreements.  It was particularly heartening to hear these students sharing what they learned with their classroom teachers, and become leaders in creating peace in the classroom.  Once our students in KCP understand the program’s core principles, including empathy, it affects how they act towards both their KCP friends and other classmates. Bullying overall is reduced – an average of 40%.

We saw also that our students paid better attention in their classroom.  They weren’t causing disruptions in class that were distracting to other kids or their teachers.  And as a result, many began to do better academically.

Though we do not yet have funding for this school year, I have already committed to hosting Kids Create Peace at my current school.  I think that’s a pretty clear indication of my support for this program for students!

If you have any questions about Kids Create Peace program, goals or the organization, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.


Joseph Scudder, Principal
Two Bunch Palms Elementary School
Desert Hot Springs, CA


Lisa Arseo, Principal, Bella Vista Elementary School

September 7, 2015

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter to show my support for “Kids Create Peace”, a program that provides youths the understanding and skills to create lives free of conflict and to achieve academic proficiency.  Our site has previously participated in the program and once students in KCP understand the core principles, including empathy, it affects how they act towards both their KCP friends and other classmates. Bullying overall is incredibly reduced – an average of 40%, as seen in surveys taken by kids and their teachers both before and after being in KCP.

Our students that participated in KCP show respect for themselves and others.  They practice strategies to avoid conflict as well as resolve differences and disagreements. Students who are able to resolve conflicts in a positive manner are also able to better pay attention in their classrooms. Some teachers have said that KCP students have positively affected the behavior of classmates not in the KCP program.

Please accept this letter as my support for Kids Create Peace.

Lisa Arseo, Principal, Bella Vista Elementary School


Scott Robinson, Exec. Director, Boys & Girls Club

September 11, 2015 

Dear Isaiah and Elena/Kids Create Peace,

On behalf of the Boys & Girls Club of Cathedral City we would like to thank you for implementing your “Kids Create Peace” (KCP) program these past two years at our Boys & Girls Club. KCP has complimented our culture of caring that we emphasize throughout our organization. In addition, KCP has supported our 4th & 5th Grade members as caring leaders in our Clubhouse.

We found the KCP Program enhanced the kids’ foundation of core value characteristics, and thus had a positive effect on how they relate to one another.

Through the KCP discussion groups the kids learned to respect and have empathy for all others. KCP helped give these children a voice that is often never heard before KCP. Through this empowerment these youth are armed with skills to overcome the many obstacles youth face in today’s society.

As a non-profit serving at-risk youth, and with limited financial resources, we are not able to pay for outreach programs. However, as new funding sources are developed for KCP, it is our intention and desire to continue our partnership with Kids Create Peace to provide life-learning lessons for our youth. We would like to implement a 20 week KCP program for our kids during the 2015-2016 school year.

Knowing our shared commitment, let’s keep working together to create better lives for our kids, one child at a time!

Thanks again!


Scott Robinson, Executive Director
Boys & Girls Club of Cathedral City, CA

David Damico, BA, MA, Administrator and Teacher

“From many years as a school administrator and K-8 educator, I’ve learned that teasing, taunting, and name-calling – what we call “bullying” – can unfortunately begin in those early years. When schools do not counter such behavior, the chances of kids turning to a dysfunctional lifestyle increase greatly. The Kids Create Peace program teaches them how to avoid conflict by not responding with aggression to that of others, but instead changing a hostile environment to a cooperative one. These skills will serve a lifetime.”

David Damico, Executive Director, Curriculum and Technology, Ecademy California –
Public School @ Home: “Learn and Live” – San Diego, CA

Donna D’Alessio, BA, MA, Teacher

“The program, Kids Create Peace, is timed perfectly to help young children change potentially stressful situations in their lives – at school, home, and play – to ones of cooperation and team-work. They are at a developmental stage at 5th grade where their imagination and intellect are especially receptive to learning new information and social strategies. I say this based on many years of teaching, elementary through high school, and special education kids. I wholeheartedly endorse this program!”

Donna D’Alessio, MA Education,
H. S. Teacher, Language Arts, Kauai, HI

Sam Messler, Teacher

“I look forward to the day that One Voice of Peace steps foot onto my high school campus in our effort to plug the cracks through which all too many students seem to be falling: an issue of concern at schools throughout America. It’s never too early to address this problem and, most definitely, never too late. Lives can be changed through this unique program, Kids Create Peace. As education is a team effort of students, families, and educators, no one should stand on the sidelines watching our kids fall through the cracks. Allow One Voice of Peace to extend a caring hand to your kids in need.”

Sam Messler
Teacher, West Shores High School, Salton City, California

Jessamyn Dean, MA, CDPT, School Counselor

“Through my work as a school counselor, I see the profound need for our countries’ children to develop an understanding of the world around them and their responses to it. Kids Create Peace presents a practical and life-affirming foundation through a logical set of principles. The program they teach is one that not only strengthens children’s academic and social abilities, but also enhances the culture of schools and the community at large. I look forward to the day when Kids Create Peace will have reached national recognition. That will be a day of peace.”

Jessamyn Dean MA, CDPT
High School Counselor: Middle College High School, Seattle, WA.