Our Mission:

To bring an enduring peace to all people.

Our Vision:

A world in which people of all cultures and countries work together in harmony to attain goals upon which they all agree, having resolved previous differences through peaceful, respectful means.

This vision is held by all programs and projects of One Voice of Peace ©. Its programs and initiatives inspire people to work together, by providing practical tools that enhance communication and prevent conflict and misunderstanding before it can begin.

Each uses different means or focuses on different areas of life to manifest a shared vision.

To advance our vision and mission, we have chosen areas that have widespread effect on people everywhere: how we communicate (Arts and Media for Peace ©*), how our leaders lead (Touchstone Transformational Leaders Program ©), and how we support youth in acquiring skills at an early age that enable them to live and create in harmony and peace through our after school program Kids Create Peace ©.

One Voice of Peace © is a non-profit 501 C-3 educational organization designed to advance the presence of peace
throughout the world, using educational programs and outreach.